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lydkidmcsquid asked:

Are ELF makeup brushes any good?

YES! all the $1 eye brushes are great, but the face ones aren’t. all from the $3 studio line & $5 mineral line are fantastic :)

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muhdkip asked:

got any tips for cat eyes/winged? (:

check out my cat eye liner tutorial :)


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fjsgssgwhakal-deactivated201205 asked:

Do you think that having mascara on for four days straight (like the lash stain you blogged about) could be bad for eye lashes? I mean, could it make them fall out or something. if not, it seems like a great product!

no not at all! as long as you don’t force the product off, if you would want to remove it, a q-tip and olive oil or and oil based makeup remover would be the best way and would remove it gently. as long as you do that they’re fine :)

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beautifuladdiction-deactivated2 asked:

Whats your favorite liquid foundation? Im looking for one thats light feeling, not heavy, and definitely good for summer! Could you give an affordable brand & an expensive one too

l’oreal true match is the best foundation you can find at the drugstore! great coverage but still light, and super blendable! and nars sheer glow foundation is more high end. super light weight, has a creamy consistency, and evens out your skin tone. those are my recommendations, i hope this helped!! :)

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